Why should I choose natural handmade soap?

Good question!  Check out our blog on the benefits of natural handmade soap here.

Why do natural soaps cost more than brand name soap?

The foundation of natural soaps is fats which is essentially oils and/or butters.  three little birds soap company selects high quality plant oils and plant butters to craft their soap so that it is gentle for all skin types and conditions.  Plant butters such as Shea and Cocoa are known for their rich moisturizing properties and sourced in West Africa, the Ivory Coast, Ghana, South and Central America which makes them expensive to purchase.

Do your soaps contain lye and if so, isn't lye dangerous?

The art of soap making has been practiced for hundreds of years and the basic formula remains the same.  Soap is made from lye (sodium hydroxide) and fat.  Any soap that claims it is not made with "lye" is not soap but detergent.  Combining lye and fat creates a chemical reaction called, "saponification".  In your cured bar of natural soap, no "lye" remains.  Lye on it's own is a caustic substance and much caution must be used when using it, even during the soap making process.  

Other mass produced bars of soap claim to be "gentle" or "PH Balanced".  Aren't they good enough to use?

There are many brands of soap that claim to be "gentle" and/or be "PH balanced" however, one look at their list of ingredients indicate that these soaps are far from natural.  It's about personal choice and preference.  three little birds natural soaps are made from plant based oils, butters and sodium hydroxide (lye).  Some natural soaps may have colour or fragrance.  Our soaps also do not use artificial fragrance or colour, making them an excellent choice for the whole family. 

How do I care for natural bar soap? Doesn't it melt quickly and get gooey?

three little birds soaps are carefully formulated so that they do not get gooey.  That being said, all bar soap needs to breathe in order to last longer and maintain its form.  Some people choose to keep their natural soap in a soap bag to reduce waste and to allow the soap to dry in between uses.  For hand washing, a soap dish that is raised so the soap doesn't remain sitting in water, is an excellent choice to prevent the soap from losing its structure.  

What is your "Wellspring Soap"? 

When we first started selling soap, we learned that one of our regular customers was purchasing our fragrance-free bars for her friend who was undergoing cancer treatment. Her friend told her that no other soaps were working for her. They were either irritating or burning her skin, which had become particularly sensitive due to her cancer treatment. Needless to say, this feedback moved us. We knew we wanted to create natural soap bars that would be moisturizing and gentle, and give people with sensitivities to fragrances options, but never considered who might be in need of this kind of soap. This inspired us to contact Wellspring Niagara, an amazing organization in Niagara that provides free services and programs (such as counseling, art therapy, yoga, meditation, etc.) for those living with cancer and their family members. In partnering with them, we created a special “Wellspring” bar that is fragrance-free and crafted with a special blend of plant butters and oils gentle enough for regular use. For every Wellspring bar that is sold, $2 goes directly back to this special organization. And so that is the story of our Wellspring bar! We hope you’ll give it a try! In doing so, you’ll be doing something wonderful for your skin AND giving back to an incredible community organization!