Why Natural Soap

Why Natural Soap?

by three little birds soap company


Why should you, or anyone for that matter, buy natural, handmade soap?  The better question might be, “Why don’t people use natural soap?” The biggest reason is most likely cost per bar.  Natural soaps cost significantly more than their mass-produced counterparts.  And here’s why.  Most natural soaps are made from high quality oils and butters, many of which are food grade.  Oils and butters or essentially, “fats” are the foundation of soap but unfortunately, they are costly.  High quality extra virgin olive oils, organic coconut oils and castor oils have wonderful properties for soap and skin care.  Shea butter and cocoa butter are excellent moisturizers but these are not the kinds of ingredients you will find in mass-produced drugstore bars of soaps, even ones that boast to be “gentle” enough for sensitive skin or “PH balanced”.  Regardless why is it important to use soap made from these natural ingredients?


The skin is the body’s largest organ.  Its functions are complex and significant to our body’s wellness.  Among some of its functions, our skin protects our bodies from allergens and toxins, regulates body temperature and produces Vitamin D.  Skin is also highly absorbent, meaning that what we use on our skin ends up in our bodies.  For this reason alone, natural soap is a good choice.  Soap is something regularly used on the body.  Three little birds natural soap contains no chemicals, no artificial colours or fragrances, nothing you cannot pronounce or not recognize.  Just natural ingredients that you can feel good about using on you and your family’s skin.