The Ritual of Showering and Bathing

Oftentimes, the act of showering or bathing is one we take for granted as part of an average day.  And yet, some days we appreciate it more for the gift and privilege that it is.  Think of that first shower after days bed-ridden with the flu.  Or how a long bath feels after a long, difficult day.  That cool shower after a day with sun and soil gardening or working outdoors.  Or that warm bath when you’re fighting a chill and layers and hot tea won’t suffice. A friend told me she likes to shower, “when she gets home from work to wash the day away”; a clever literal and metaphorical means to transition from work to home. Some of us like to wake up with an invigorating shower to start the day while others may prefer to shower before bed as a calming preface to sleep. Maybe there have been times when you've been so down you've had to drag yourself to the shower or drag yourself OUT of one. Showering and bathing serve a practical purpose but also a therapeutic and restorative one too. Haven’t we all shed tears in the shower and bath on some occasions? 

2020 has proven itself to be a challenging year but one that has forced many of us to slow down and reflect upon what’s important and valuable.  We can also look upon this as a gift and be more mindful during our daily routines and rituals, like showering or bathing.  We can honour this gift by using natural products that are good for us and that also do no harm to the environment.  Wishing you lots of wonderful showering and bathing experiences in your future.