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By 2050, there could be more plastic than fish in the world's oceans.

In Canada, only 11% of plastics are recycled. The rest ends up in landfills and waterways which includes plastic soap and shower gel bottles.  The average person who uses shower gel, uses 11 bottles a year.  A family of four can use upwards of 40 bottles a year.  Make the switch to three little birds natural bar soap and make a greener choice for the environment and for your skin.  Start your journey to reduce plastic waste here.

Wellspring Niagara

Our Partnership with Wellspring

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I absolutely love these soaps! There is something so lovely about knowing they are made with natural ingredients and methods of a simpler time. I also love how the company's mission helps sustain the community and environment. The soaps truly bring softness to my skin but also hope and rejuventation to my soul. 

B. Glintz

I have been using three little birds soaps for almost a year and it is the only soap my family needs. This company has helped me eliminate plastic soap dispensers and cleanser bottles from my household. I keep a bar by every sink, one in each shower and find the fragrance- free options wonderful for the face. These high quality soaps maintain their integrity on my natural soap dishes for long periods of time and always look beautiful, retaining their gentle scent. Using healthy, cruelty-free products is of utmost importance to me, and knowing this company supports Wellspring and Gillian's Place makes it even more meaningful. three little birds soap company truly is a special Canadian business.


"Harsh sanitizers caused painful eczema flare-up on my hands. As I eliminated soap after soap, I turned to three little birds for relief. This gentle and effective skin cleanser calmed and soothed my skin. Beyond being simply a great bar of soap, I appreciate the company's environmentally sustainable ethos and their thoughtful contributions to community initiatives. I am a fan of three little birds!"

Erica S.